Grup Penelitian

Juni 17, 2016 oleh : superadmin-ti

Riset Group

1. Drone Research Centre (DRC)

DRC merupakan tempat penelitian dan penyaluran bakat mahasiswa dengan menggunakan drone. TI UMY memiliki beberapa unit drone DJI Phantom Profesional 3. Drone ini menggunakan teknologi tinggi, salah satunya dilengkapi sistem cerdas. DRC memiliki agenda rutin untuk melakukan penelitian serta kegiatan survei di lokasi-lokasi menarik untuk menambah pengalaman. Sudah banyak hasil karya mahasiswa yang dihasilkan dalam bentuk image, video, dan aplikasi.

2. Business Intelligent Research Group (BIRG)

The group focuses in the theories and applications of systems that perceive, reason, learn, and act intelligently. The aim of the group is to create intelligent systems in many fields such as data warehouse, data mining, decision support system and other fields.

3. HCI Research Group

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research group focuses to study, explore, planning, and design of the interaction between users and computers. The research topic that related with HCI will make an effort to provide a theory, an application, or an evaluation of all the vocabulary/concepts necessary for building a model of human problem solving with the computer.
This research group uniquely implement the adoption of better user experience, better software engineering to develop and propose better software for human life.

4. Pervasive and Mobile Computing Group

Pervasive or Ubiquitous Computing refers to computation that already embedded in their physical environment. In this paradigm, embedded devices will be spreaded out and user will have direct and transparent interactions with the system. This group will focus to the system, algorithm, protocol, and software modelling in Pervasive and Mobile Computing. Some hardwares such as sensors, actuators, and wireless communication devices will be used extensively to explore further.
PMC group has strong competencies in mobile computing framework, context detection, wireless sensor networks, probabilistic signal processing and sensor fusion.